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Where not only you will not be deceived without paying, for example, a win, but will help to keep yourself in hand, determine if a person has problems. If the casillion casino has discovered such nuances from its client, and he agrees with this, he is helped to control himself. This may be the limit of financial resources that the client is going to spend in the course of the game - his deposit, it's limitations on losing, limited bets, and also limited time for the game process itself. As you can see, the casillion casino, on the contrary, tries not to allow its player to be dragged into the process, in which he can lose all means.

Player's responsibility but do not forget, this position, first of all, must come from the player. The client must be aware of the responsibility before the game even earlier than casillion casino employees will tell him. At his request, the casino goes further, limiting the process of playing for longer terms, for example, for a month. Pointing out the amount of money that can be spent in this period of time, you will not be able to take them anymore. On the sites of many casillion casinos there is special testing. Each player at will, although the gaming institution strongly recommends, can pass this test and determine if he has a game addiction.

In case of problems, it is always possible to contact the casillion casino service and make a decision on their elimination. Customer support will be able to do everything, without exception, at the request of the player. This is, as an option, closing an account, for example, for a week or a month, as well as excluding a client for a longer period from games, up to six months. As you can see, the casillion casino, surprisingly, is not interested in turning clients into limp dependent people, for whom the game has long been no longer a joy. Prohibition for minors naturally, the age of the players is controlled.

Minor clients simply will not be allowed into a regular casillion casino, but in a virtual one they will check with the help of document scans. Adult people who play on the internet can be advised to approach their game system responsibly, blocking passwords and logins. Detection of underage players of the casillion casino tries to do together with its customers by posting a request on the site. But do not turn the game into an end in itself and the only occupation in life. The game is entertainment, joy, it is a heat of passion, it is a lot of emotions.

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